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SkinFaceBody Spa

Downtown Naples Hidden Treasure

Pilates by Patricia Perez

Patricia Perez is a Power Pilates instructor and professional Ballet dancer. She has worked as a Pilates Instructor for Yoga works, Purely Pilates, and Physical Innovation In California. In Naples, she has been able to expand her knowledge and includes different styles of Pilates in her classes. Patricia is a Pilates and Barre class instructor with Mediterra Country Club, Wyndemere County Club, Quail West Country Club, and Naples Dance Conservatory!

Learn more about what Patricia offers below.

Pilates Equipment Private Session - 55 min. with Patricia

Single Class $65

5 Private Sessions $310 ($62)

10 Private Sessions $600 ($60)

Duet (2 people/session) $40 per person

5 Classes (2 people/session ) $35 per person

10 Classes (2 people/session) $32 per person

Contact Information:

Phone: (239) 234-3982

Email: [email protected]

Address: 1100 Commercial Blvd, Suite 111 Naples, FL 34104